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PENRO Marinduque Kicks-off the National Women’s Month Celebration

Written By: PENRO Information Officer Azalea S. De Castro March 06, 2023

In line with the celebration of National Women’s Month, DENR-PENRO Marinduque kicked off its month-long celebration with Zumba session with the theme “WE for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society”.

PENRO Marinduque employees wearing their Purple T-shirt participated in the Zumba session held at the PENRO Conference Hall. As an advocate for gender equality and women's empowerment, the Office is excited to contribute to the festivities with a fun and energizing Zumba session.

PENRO Marinduque Kicks-off the National Women’s Month Celebration

PENRO Marinduque Kicks-off the National Women’s Month Celebration

Furthermore, because Women's Month is a time to honor and recognize the significant contributions of women in a variety of fields, PENRO Marinduque invited MLGOO Maria Karla M. Go to talk about "Modern Parenting" and her experiences as a modern parent.

Through this kick-off event, the DENR-PENRO Marinduque hopes to encourage everyone to celebrate the strength and resilience of women and to inspire them to continue striving for their goals.

Overall, DENR-PENRO Marinduque is thrilled to be a part of this important celebration, and looks forward to continuing support women's empowerment and gender equality initiatives in the future.

PENRO Marinduque Kicks-off the National Women’s Month Celebration

Love Pantry of DENR-PENRO Marinduque

Written By: PENRO Information Officer Azalea S. De Castro March 03, 2023

During the Monday convocation on February 27, 2023, DENR-PENRO Marinduque launched a "Love Pantry". The Love Pantry of Pre-Loved Items is a great initiative that promotes love for environment by encouraging the reuse and recycling of gently used items. Employees can shop at The Pantry for anything from bags, shoes, and formal clothing to swimsuits, silverware, kitchenware, women accessories, seedlings, etc. The goal of this pantry is to promote a sustainable lifestyle by sharing and redistributing no longer needed items from donors.

Love Pantry of DENR-PENRO Marinduque

This activity is in line with the Zero Waste Lifestyle and 5S Day, both of which promotes sustainable living and reduce waste. Instead of throwing away gently used items, employees can donate them to the pantry, where they will be put to good use. Anyone who need those items can take them, and thus, everyone benefits. This kind of sharing is a way to build team spirit and bring employees together. PENRO employees can reduce waste, save money, and live a more meaningful life by donating and sharing slightly or unused items.

Photos taken at the launch of “Love Pantry” by DENR-PENRO Marinduque on February 27, 2023, held at PENRO Conference Hall during its Monday Convocation.

Photos taken at the launch of “Love Pantry” by DENR-PENRO Marinduque on February 27, 2023, held at PENRO Conference Hall during its Monday Convocation.

Overall, Love Pantry was a big success, and PENRO Marinduque would like to promote this event in order to demonstrate good practice and to influence others. It is an excellent example of how collective action can lead to positive behavioral change. This has also served as a model of kindness and compassion in the workplace. Not only that, but it has successfully raised employee awareness about the importance of upcycling and sustainability.  This accomplishment is the result of everyone's cooperation and commitment. ###

Photos taken at the launch of “Love Pantry” by DENR-PENRO Marinduque on February 27, 2023, held at PENRO Conference Hall during its Monday Convocation.

Featured Articles

Boac River cleanup activities unite 1,600+ Marinduqueños

Published At: The AGREA Team March 22, 2019

BOAC, MARINDUQUE. More than 1,600 local volunteers gathered in various areas in Marinduque in support of the World Water Day 2019 celebrations. 

Dubbed “Water for All: Now and Foriver”, simultaneous cleanups of Boac River and its riverbanks, including tree-planting activities, united local volunteers on Friday, March 22. 

Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) Marinduque Imelda Diaz led the program together with DENR MIMAROPA Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Vicente Tuddao, Jr. They were joined by Marinduque Governor Romulo Bacorro Jr., former Supreme Court Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr., Boac Mayor Roberto Madla, Marinduque State College President Merian Mani, and key officials from many local agencies and civil service organizations. 

The simultaneous cleanup of the longest and largest river in the province took place in 26 barangays: Hinapulan, Boi, Canat, Binunga, Ogbac, Mainit, Bantay, Balagasan, Puyog, Balimbing, Bamban, Boton, Sawi, Daig, Tumapon, Tagwak, Tampus, Daypay, Poblacion, Murallon, Tabi, Santol, Lupac, Tabigue, Bangbangalon, and Laylay.

Boac River disaster remembered

“Today we are cleaning what we can see in the river and in nearby communities,” said ARD Tuddao. “The bigger problems are the ones we don’t see.”

It was 23 years ago today when Boac River took center stage in one of the biggest mining disasters in the country.

On March 24, 1996, the drainage tunnels of Marcopper Mining Corporation’s open pit ruptured and spilled millions of tons of mine waste that smothered the river, inundating villages and killing marine life.

ARD Tuddao announced the agency’s intentions to launch a river summit in Marinduque this year.

‘Plant more trees’ 

DENR Marinduque took the river cleanup activity up a notch by adding simultaneous tree planting activities in various areas surrounding Boac River.

Restoring riverbank trees and shrubs is an important step toward improved water cleanliness, more stable riverbanks, and better fish and wildlife habitat for rivers.

Tree planting activities also took place in several barangays: 50 tinikan bamboos were planted in Brgy Tabigue, more than 100 narra trees were planted in Brgys Binunga, Ogbac, Hinapulan, Canat, and Boi, while 30 mangrove trees were planted in Brgy Laylay.

In addition to being oxygen-producers, trees provide a range of other important benefits to rivers, people and animals. Trees improve water quality, as well as absorb and filter pollution from our soil and air.

PH Law: ‘Every Filipino is required to plant one tree each year’

Section 8 of Republic Act No. 10176, otherwise known as the Arbor Day Act of 2012 states, “All able-bodied citizens of the Philippines, who are at least twelve (12) years of age, shall be required to plant one (1) tree every year.”

“Agriculture thrives only if the environment thrives,” said AGREA Communications Director Rafael Seño.

For 2 years now, AGREA and its volunteer arm AGREA 1000 Strong with support from DENR, has already planted more than 500 indigenous trees in Marinduque. Arbor Day 2019 Marinduque happens on June 22.

The launching of DENR’s ‘River for Life’ program in Marinduque coincides with World Water Day 2019, a global event that tackles the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind. The AGREA Team

Feature Image by Erwin Monroyo Penafiel




Photo grabbed from: Agrea PH

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