A certificate/document issued to a dealer of lumber,logs, poles or piles upon registration with the DENR. (Republic Act No. 1239, series of 1955 and FAO 26, series of 1956, DAO 1994-08).


  1. Letter application or duly accomplished Application Form filled-up by the applicant.
  2. Authenticated copy of Registration to import logs, lumber, veneer or commercial poles and piles.
  3. Authenticated copy of sales/supply contract with a foreign exporter of said wood commodities sworn to by the local importer as a binding legal instrument.
  4. Authenticated copies of import documents covering the imported commodities.
  5. For Lumber, a corresponding Registration Fee and Permit Fee pursuant to DAO 18, series of 1993;
  6. For Log/Pole, a corresponding Application Fee and Registration Fee pursuant to DAO 18, series of 1993;
  7. Forestry Bond (Specifying permit applied for) either Cash – P1000.00 or Surety Bond – P1,250.00;
  8. Articles of Partnership or Incorporation duly registered with the SEC if application is filed by partnership, corporation or association;
  9. Certified copy or xerox copy of Business Name or Trade Name duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) if applicant is using a trade name;
  10. Mayor’s permit together with a certification from the city or municipal treasurer stating that the operation of the intended business does not violate any existing ordinance of said municipality/city;
  11. Copy of Annual Income Tax Return for the last two (2) years (Individual or Corporate Annual Income Tax Return), if applicable;
  12. Pictures of the proposed lumberyard/log pond to be certified by the Inspecting Forest Officers and attested under oath by the CENRO concerned;
  13. Certification of adequate cash capital deposit from a bank and affidavit of the applicant stating that said deposit shall be used solely for the intended business;
  14. Permit to engage in business (if applicant is a foreigner);
  15. Business Plan; and
  16. Log/Lumber/Pole Supply Contract with legitimate sawmill operator/timber concessionaires.



Source: http://forestry.denr.gov.ph/index.php/fmb-product-and-services/certificate-of-registration-as-log-lumber-dealer