Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement is an agreement entered into by and between a natural or juridical person and the DENR wherein the latter grants to the former the right to develop, utilize and manage a small tract of forestland consistent with the principle of sustainable development. (DENR Administrative Order No. 96-24)


  1. Application fee:
    • 1 - 5 has. - P 500.00
    • Over 5 - 10 has. – P1,000.00
    • Over 10 - 100 has. – P5,000.00
    • Over 100 ha.-300 has. – P7,500.00
    • Over 300 has. To 500 has. – P 10,000.00
  2. Sketch map of the area
  3. For Individuals/Family Units:
    • Community Tax Certificate
    • Certification from Barangay Captain and Municipality/City Mayor that the applicant is a resident of the area where the site located.
    • If a government employee, authorization from the head of agency where the applicant is employed.
  4. For Cooperatives/Associations:
    • Certified true copy of the Certificate of Registration with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) or Securities and ; Exchange Commission (SEC);
    • List of duly elected officers and members and their ;addresses, duly certified by the Board Secretary.

Resolution/minutes of meeting, duly certified by the Board Secretary, indicating the Cooperative’s or association’s interest in participating in the program.