Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement is a production sharing agreement between a qualified person, association and/or corporation and the government to develop, manage and utilize grazing lands. (DENR Administrative Order No. 99-36).


  1. Application Form duly accomplished;
  2. If applicant is a government employee, a written permission from the Secretary or Head of Agency concerned;
  3. If applicant is a naturalized Filipino citizen;
    • A copy of certificate of naturalization certified by the Clerk of Court of the CFI that issued same;
    • Certification by the Office of the Solicitor General that it has not filed or taken any action for his denaturalization or any action that may affect his citizenship
  4. If applicant is a partnership, 3 copies of its articles of partnership certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission;
  5. If applicant is a corporation, 3 copies of:
    • Its Articles of Incorporation;
    • Its By-Laws;
    • The minutes of the latest organizational meeting of its stockholders electing the present members of the Board of Directors;
    • The minutes of the latest organizational meeting of the Board of Directors, electing the present officers of the corporation, certified by Corporate Secretary;
    • The minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors indicating authority of the Officer to file the application in behalf of the corporation.

      (Note: The Articles of Incorporation must show an understanding that there will be no transfer of stock that will change the citizenship and capital structure of the corporation and should there be any transfer of stock, it shall not be effected without approval of the Secretary, upon recommendation of the Director. All the above corporate documents must be certified to be on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the certification must be signed by the authorized Officer of the said Commission.)

  6. If the applicant uses a name, style or trade name, other than its true name, 3 copies of the Certificate of Registration of such name style or trade name with the Bureau of Domestic Trade, certified by the authorized officer of said Bureau;
  7. Applicant’s Income Tax Return for the preceding year, in 3 copies if he/she/it was already in existence at the time and required to file said return;
  8. Application fee (P 10.00 for every hectare or fraction thereof);
  9. Oath fee (P 30.00 - If oath is administered by Forest Officer, pursuant to DAO 18, Series of 1993); Inspection/survey fee (P 300.00 per hectare);
  10. Certification of the Barangay Captain, attested by the Municipal Mayor who have political jurisdiction over the area as to the presence or absence of settlers/squatters/IPs;
  11. Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)/Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA);
  12. Five Year Operational Plan;
  13. Twenty Five-Year Grazing Management Plan;
  14. Capitalization (Bank and/or cattle ownership at one head per five hectares or P 2,000.00 per ha.);
  15. Bond deposit: Cash bond of P 500.00 per hectare or fraction thereof or Surety Bond with a term of five (5) years;
  16. Affidavit of the applicant that he is not a dummy of any person, group or corporation;
  17. Affidavit of 2 disinterested persons that the applicant is not a dummy of any other person, group or corporation;
  18. Certification from the Range Management Officer attested by the CENR Officer that the area is free from squatters or claim of IP; and
  19. Original and 10 blue print copies of the Sketch of the area covered by the proposed Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement (FLGMA).