Integrated Forest Management Agreement is a production sharing contract entered into by and between the DENR and a qualified applicant wherein the DENR grants to the latter the exclusive right to develop, manage, protect and utilize a specified area of forestland and forest resources therein for a period of 25 years and may be renewed for another 25-year period, consistent with the principle of sustainable development and in accordance with an approved Comprehensive Development and Management Plan (CDMP) and under which both parties share in its produce. (DENR Administrative Order No. 99-53)


  1. Application form duly accomplished
  2. Sketch map of the area applied for
  3. Application fee in the amount of P 0.60/ha. and survey fee of P50.00/ha., plus actual transport cost of the survey team from the official station to the site in consonance with the provisions of DAO No. 93-18.
  4. For corporation, partnership, association or cooperative:
    • Certified copy of Certificate of Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and/or the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA);
    • Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and a list of present officers and stockholders, duly certified by the Board Secretary;
    • Audited financial statements for two (2) preceeding years; if the applicant was already in existence; and
    • A Resolution authorizing any of the officers to file the application in behalf of the corporation, partnership, association or cooperative duly certified by the Board Secretary.
  5. Proof of financial and technical capability to undertake initial activities in forest plantation establishment and development such as credit lines from financial institutions, collaterable properties, or good past performance or tract records in development and management as TLA or IFMA holder and other DENR tenurial instruments.